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Primo colore a colpire gli occhi è l'arancio. L'arancio del sole che sorge dal mare e che compare di fronte a chi, in viaggio nelle prime luci dell'alba, procede verso levante, verso il Salento porta d'oriente.
Questo è il colore del Salento, che appare ammaliante e incantevole agli occhi del visitatore, dove tutto è intenso ed estemo.
Sembra quasi pigramente addormentata, la nostra terra, e invece al suo interno ribolle la creatività, la passione, la richhiezza della gente.
Questa è una piccola finestra su questo mondo che offre una natura spudoratamente bella, tanta arte e storia, due mari che lo abbracciano e si incontrano nel punto più estremo d'Italia.
...Per chi di questa terra si è innamorato e chi ci torna ogni anno a trascorrere giornate rilassanti, a chi se ne innamorerà al primo incotro quest'anno...

Un mare da sogno

- SAN FOCA - NICE BEACH AND FISHING TOWN - White sand beach that stretches across the waterfront. A swim in a few minutes you can reach the numerous islets and unique. Here you can eat fresh fish bought directly from the fishing boats.
- ROCA VECCHIA - GROTTA DELLA POESIA - Grotte della Poesia is said to have been a favorite swimming spot for an ancient princess, the sight of her swimming there inspired poets--thus the name Caves of Poetry. But visitors nowadays come mainly to take leaps from its 15' cliffs into the clear waters and to scuba dive.
- SANTA CESAREA TERME AN UNIQUE PLACE - Santa Cesarea Terme only became an independent town in 1911, after the inhabitants in the nearby villages discovered springs in the area, with waters believed to have therapeutic effects.
- SANTA MARIA DI LEUCA - DE FINIBUS TERRAE - It is famous for its lighthouse which is one of the most important in Italy (102 meters above sea level). Next to the lighthouse you’ll find the Sanctuary, or Basilica De Finibus Terrae built to commemorate the passage of St. Peter during his travel to Italy.

Posti unici

- OTRANTO - VALLE DELL'IDRO E DELLE MEMORIE - Otranto is the "gateway to the East", the eastern most point in Italy and one of the peninsula's best hidden treasures. Strategically located, its history is full of visitors, conquerors and invaders.
- LECCE - TRA BAROCCO E ANTICHE TRADIZIONI - Called the Florence of the south, is the main city on Puglia's Salento Peninsula. Because of the soft limestone that's easy to work, Lecce became the center for the ornate architecture called the barocco leccese and the city is filled with Baroque monuments. The historic center is compact making it a great place for walking and its restaurants offer abundant fine food typical of Puglia.
- GALLIPOLI, LA PERLA DELLO IONIO - Gallipoli, from the Greek Kallipolis meaning beautiful city, is a fishing village on the coast. Gallipoli’s old town is built on a limestone island and linked to the mainland by a 16th century bridge.
- GRECIA SALENTINA - IN THE HEART OF SALENTO With its twelve cities the Salentine Greece is one of the most interesting territories of the cultural landscape and Italian tourist. Art, folk music, rock settlements, oil mills, housing at court: a fascinating journey through the ancient traditions handed down from generation to generation. And with a little luck, you can also listen to the ancient grika language still used by the elders.
- SULLE TRACCE DEI MESSAPI, LA VALLE D'ITRIA - The northernmost part of the Salento offers a journey through history that goes by Messapi to Frederick II. The latter was responsible for the castle with a triangular base that stands on the highest hill of the city. A little further north the beautiful Ceglie, famous not only for cegliese biscuit. Ceglie reached, the step to the Itria Valley is short. Territory embraced by rolling hills among olive groves and vineyards, trulli and farms.


- EXPLORE UNIQUE PLACES AND HIDDEN CORNERS - Visit, discover, be carried away from the essence of Salento. Get lost in the wildest places, spectacular and characteristic foot or by bike. No corner of this land must remain unexplored.
- ENJOY OLD AND GENUINE TYPICAL FOOD - Salento cuisine is generous of flavors and fragrances by virtue of just elaborate preparations that maintain the taste of the products. Walk the streets of the oil in the famous oil mills, visit the cellars to taste the good Negroamaro, have lunch by the sea with fresh fish ... this is the real flavor of the Salento!